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EMAIL US AT :-  [email protected]  OR PHONE US ON:- 8391 2706



  • Please provide details of the job required and dimensions of job -

        Height, Width & Depth (This will allow us to give you a quote without                      attending the site) If you should want to proceed with the job after

        receiving our quotation we will come out and do a check measure

        before starting the job. (after deposit is paid)


  • Attach photos to help us understand your requirements.


  • Please let us know if you would like the job glazed. 


  • Let us know if you want the job delivered and installed or just delivered to you.


  • Let us know your address details and your Bushfire Attach Level (BAL) if you know it


  • Please provide us with any other information e.g what timber you would like if you will be staining or painting it.  If it will be copping any weather.


  • Lastly provide us with your contact details in case we have any questions.



Mount  barker  joinery  does   not  have  a  showroom.


we  custom  make  everything  to   Your  requirements.